From Pregnancy through Childbirth to Lactation: supporting the development of mammary glandular tissue with dietary approaches.

We will address the basics of anti-lactogenic and lactogenic properties that are especially important to women with red flags for potential supply problems.

We will understand how traditional lactogenic foods and herbs promote and support the maturation of mammary glandular tissue, and also learn easy-to-understand descriptions that can convey this information to mothers.

We will understand which herbs and foods are helpful at different times of pregnancy, childbirth, and the immediate postpartum.

We will learn about health conditions and environmental toxins that undermine mammary development, and how to reduce this risk.

Some handouts and articles are available with the class.


Classes are planned for September and October, Wednesday mornings from 11 am – 1 pm.

20 spots per class.

Presently, there is no recording allowed; this may change. .

Cost: $19 

When you purchase a ticket, be sure that the email you use for PayPal is the same that I can use to send you a zoom invitation.



Thank you Hilary for providing this informative and thought-provoking class.  I am glad I attended. The information was well-organized and research-based. You kept the class interactive which helped me see how the information could be applied in my practice as well as how others could apply it to their lactation work.

Alyssa Schnell, IBCLC, author of Breastfeeding Without Birthing

International speaker

I really enjoyed Hilary Jacobson’s class, from Pregnancy through Lactation, Supporting Mammary Development. Thank you so much, Hilary, for sharing all your knowledge about plants and nutrition and especially about WHY they work within the body! After learning the biochemical interrelationships of lactogenic foods and the body, I now appreciate old womanly wisdom and traditions. How and why they work is now tangible. This makes me dance with joy.
Katharina von Herff, IBCLC, former LLL-Leader

I took Hilary’s class on food and herbs for lactation. I highly recommend the class to all moms/parents who plan on breastfeeding their babies in any capacity for any amount of time, for peer breastfeeding counselors and lactation professionals. This class offers so much useful information to address milk supply issues using foods and herbs from an interesting new perspective, easy to relate to and put into practice. I really appreciate Hilary’s generosity in sharing her tremendous knowledge, and most of all, her open-mindedness to different cultures and food traditions. She helps me make sense of my own food culture, specially postpartum. I’m excited to share what I have learned from Hilary’s class with new parents and colleagues, and again, strongly recommend that they hear and learn from Hilary by taking her classes.
Uyen Tran, CLC, IBCLC, LLL-Leader

Thank you so very much! We didn’t learn a lot about galactagogues in school and were basically taught that they may or may not help supply… I love the discussion about insulin resistance… makes so much sense! 
Sanpri PurdyPorter, PT, IBCLC

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Subjects we’ll touch on…

Pregnancy: diet and herbs that support mammary development during pregnancy

Childbirth: supporting natural birth and a smooth transition to lactation.

Traditional Postpartum Foods that support and build milk supply

Promoting best health in our children.