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Each year in November and December

the “Cultivating Presence” class is held.

Classes are 90-minutes, once weekly for three weeks.

Each class has 3-4 student spots.

To reserve in advance, contact Hilary Jacobson

The following classes have been developed for IBCLCs and postpartum caregivers.

They are given periodically throughout the year.

Contact Hilary Jacobson for more information.

Prolactin and Inflammation

This in-depth 90-minute PowerPoint talk explores little-known but foundational ways that prolactin, lactogenic foods, and inflammation interact for mammary development, hormonal balance, and lactation. We will understand the unique properties of many lactogenic foods for deep hydration of the extracellular matrix, and the role that this plays in mammary health.

From Pregnancy through Childbirth to Lactation

A 90-minute PowerPoint talk: we learn how simple dietary measures using accessible lactogenic foods, along with the use of traditional and contemporary supplements can be focused to support optimal mammary development during pregnancy, support childbirth, and the early phases of lactation. Here, we take a special look at the factors that interfere with mammary development, especially environmental toxins and the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant foods and herbs that ameliorate this situation.

A Lactogenic Diet 101

A 90-minute PowerPoint on how to understand and communicate the simple “rules” and recipes of the lactogenic diet, including its use in high-risk situations such as pre-gestational diabetes, PCOS, and IGT.

Below are the lectures and workshops offered to clinics, LLLI Leaders, and lactation conferences.

Contact Hilary Jacobson for more information.

Lactogenic, Anti-Lactogenic: the importance of traditional foods in pregnancy and the postpartum

A one-hour PowerPoint lecture: A functional overview of anti-lactogenic foods, herbs, medications, and lifestyle influences, and then the principle effects of lactogenic foods and herbs, briefly reviewing the well-known reasons for their lactogenicity, and then turning to newer, eye-opening research. 


Transition Diet: Supporting Mammary development in late pregnancy and the early postpartum

A one-hour PowerPoint lecture on the Transition Foods that support mammary tissue development during pregnancy and early postpartum, and that facilitate a more trouble-free start to lactation. We also look at lactogenic herbs and foods are used in treating UTIs and asthma, two common health challenges of new mothers.

Insulin Resistance, Lactation Difficulties and Hydration

A one-hour PowerPoint on 1) the role of insulin in the postpartum, and 2) the impact of insulin resistance and chronic under-hydration on lactation difficulties (delayed lactogenesis, supply difficulties, early return of menstruation) and 3) how specific lactation foods and beverages counteract and potentially remediate these influences.

Historic Overview of Low Milk Supply with implications for today

Three doctors tried to understand low milk supply, to improve milk supply, and to understand its far-reaching implications for the health of humanity–which we see rolling out today. 

WORKSHOP: Our Missing Skillset: Emotional Processing to "unstuck" our difficult emotions and become softer and more flexible and responsive.

When we cannot process the emotional repercussions of our experiences, we are at risk of becoming emotionally hardened, mentally inflexible, and we lose the ability to self-soothe. In this workshop, we explore the basics of embodied emotional processing together.

The Mahmee Team is committed to providing excellence in care and the education that Hilary provided to our team during her lecture helps us to do just that. As a subject matter expert with vast experience, she offered guidance that promotes breastfeeding success as well as overall health. We found the information valuable for our patients and for ourselves! 
Denise Lévesque

High-Risk Maternal-Child Health Nurse Educator, MAHMEE

Feedback received from MALCA :

  • Current literature reviewed with updated information for clinical practice
  • evidenced based, easy to understand presentation
  • Speaker engaged the audience
  • objectives were met
  • questions answered confidentially and competently
  • slides easy to read and understand
  • Members asking for slides and book information
  • We would love to have Mrs. Jacobson back to speak for MALCA!
Jennifer Rowland, RN, IBCLC, RLC

MALCA - Memphis Area Lactation Consultants Association

Lectures and workshops may be offered for in-house education to large and small groups of postpartum caregivers: lactation clinics and associations, hospitals, associations and communities of doulas and midwives, and to peer-support breastfeeding activist groups.



Fees are waived for indigenous and minority based groups.

$200 for a one-hour lecture.

$300 to maintain the recording and PowerPoint slides for one month.